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Take Care of Your Hair: The Imperishable Crown That You Never Take Off..!!

Pollution does not only refer to the chemicals emitting from industrial sectors and vehicles, multiple other factors are also included in the list that is responsible for making our environment pollution-induced. These factors also include smoke coming from fire or cigarettes. One of the biggest examples of causing pollution in the atmosphere is the way of celebrating Dussehra in our nation. Do we ever realize that how much pollution has been caused by us on that single day by burning the statues of Ravan at huge number of different places? Another great example is bursting the crackers on Diwali...

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10 Common Questions About Hair Loss Procedures – Answered

Most of the expert medical practitioners in the field of hair transplantation, had agreed to the fact that, hair transplant is a life-changing experience altogether! This is because, if the invasive process works out to be successful, it can change your life altogether! However, certain alarming observations also point towards cases of failures! Therefore, it is important to take down the intricate details from field experts prior to the process of execution. Patients who had actually planned for undergoing a hair transplant surgery, needs to take care of too many details. Consequently, they can pose several questions to the...

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Can LATISSE Help To Treat Hair Thinning?

Whatever we eat reflects on our body, and deficiency of anything reflects back in form of showing the symptoms that we need to notice. Hair is one such part of the body that tell us first that there is something abnormal with the functioning of the body. So if we notice excessive hair fall, you must get a proper diagnosis done of the entire body to know the real cause of hair fall. In fact, this initial symptom can save you from getting into fatal condition. Our expert NHT team provides online consultation to give you a perfect solution...

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