Mumbai is the business capital of India, and happens to be a busy hub. Every year, a large chunk of the Indian population, visits Mumbai, in order to get them treated. Various kinds of treatment facilities are available in Mumbai and hair transplantation is no exception.

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Hair transplant services in Mumbai happens to be impeccable, giving patients various options to choose from. There are wide varieties of hospitals, available in Mumbai, who can work positively towards the welfare of the patients. Mumbai is one of the best hubs for getting any kind of treatment, as the city hosts some of the best technology-based resources. Wide availability of the doctors in Mumbai, make it one of the best hubs for hair transplantation.

Why Mumbai happens to be a better and popular hub for hair restoration?

Some of the most reputed doctors stay in Mumbai, as far as hair transplantation is concerned. However, services related to hair transplantation might vary in terms of various clinics as far as service standards are concerned. Costs do vary based on several aspects related to rendering of service.

Advantages of Mumbai as a hair transplantation hub in comparison to other metros:

The business capital, as it is called Mumbai is a city which is known for cosmetic services. It has several advantages over other metro cities, as Mumbai hosts a population which is educated and aware. This has resulted in a fine growth of the city in rendering cutting-edge services.

As per observations from experts, it has been seen that some of the most sophisticated methods of technology medical interventions have been carried out in Mumbai first. The city has a first mover advantage when compared to other major metros.

What are the methods for hair transplantation that are followed in Mumbai?

Fue       FUT_procedure

As per expert observations Mumbai follows the following methods of hair transplant:

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction
  2. Follicular Unit Transplantation
  3. Strip Harvesting
  4. Plasma Replacement therapy
  5. Other alternative treatments

Advantages with Mumbai are that, it happens to host some of the best cosmetic surgeons who can undoubtedly produce a long lasting result through a minimally invasive treatment. Irrespective of the cause and result, of the surgery undertaken, doctors in Mumbai offer a professional care during the pre-surgery and post-surgery periods.

 However, as experts have observed that, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) happens to be one of the much demanding services as far as Mumbai is concerned. Most of the hair transplantation clinics in Mumbai offer a state of the art services and the advantages remain to be as follows:

Absence of scar-

Scars remain to be a big menace post surgery but good cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai ensure that, you do not have to face such a hazard.

Quick recovery-

Most of the clinics give you a final date for check up after which they ensure that every patient will look forward to a normal recovery process.

High safety standards-

each and every clinic in Mumbai follow international safety and security standards. Therefore, minimally invasive surgeries taking place in hair transplantation clinics ensure that each and every patient is secured and no major hazards are predicted during the post surgery phase.

However, certain risk factors which needs to be taken into consideration remains to be:

  1. General health of the patient
  2. Presence of any chronic diseases
  3. Any kind of lifestyle restrictions which might have been imposed on the patient prior to surgery
  4. Age and related ailments


Hair transplant cost in Mumbai remains to be a satisfying, due to the fact that the city is well-equipped to lend you special care. The city is well designed with an improved infrastructure which offers you the maximum advantages. Presence of professional doctors makes the process easy to go through for patients. Clinics in Mumbai provide a state of the art infrastructure along with the best technology interventions. Costs above all, remain to be competitive while being compared to other cities. Above all, the process remains to be safe and secured, and therefore can be undertaken by all and sundry.

Experts advise that, any individual patient interested to take a hair transplantation service in Mumbai should gather authentic information. This shall facilitate effective results in the long run.