Whatever we eat reflects on our body, and deficiency of anything reflects back in form of showing the symptoms that we need to notice. Hair is one such part of the body that tell us first that there is something abnormal with the functioning of the body. So if we notice excessive hair fall, you must get a proper diagnosis done of the entire body to know the real cause of hair fall. In fact, this initial symptom can save you from getting into fatal condition.

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Taking proper care of hair and diet plus regular exercise helps you to fight all health-related problems. Along with message your hair nicely is a must as oil go through your scalp and repairs the structure of hair follicles. There are many other ways to regrow hair like improvement in diet, supplements like Latisse. Latisse is basically used to grow eyelashes.

So is it okay to use for thinning hair?

Latisse is beneficial in the case where patients are experiencing the thinning of hair, as Latisse can help in hair growth and making them thicker, darker, and longer, though you can’t expect that it will stop hair fall. But this can be an expensive treatment. If you are ready to invest but are not willing undergo treatments like hair transplants then this method is worth a try.

Lattice is a registered trademark of Allergan, it consists 0.03% of bimatoprost solution which is used to treat hypotrichosis. Even a single drop of Latisse applied to the affected area with help of sterile applicator results in an increase in the length, darkness, and thickness of hair.

Loss of Hair:-

  • Bimatoprost is a perfect solution that quickens hair growth.
  • Latisse may help patients who are not getting the desired results from other treatments


How does it Work?

  • The key ingredient of Latisse is Bimatoprost, Bimatoprost’s has the ability to increase hair and growth of lashes as the drug works by shifting more hair from the resting phase to the growing phase.
  • According to clinical studies, the results of Latisse are less promising on the head compared to eyelashes.
  • The person suffering from male pattern baldness tends to have closed or shrunk hair follicles which reduced the chances of hair growth.
  • The hair root tends to get thinner gradually (reason can be any) due which the follicle stops producing new hair and finally closes. Latisse helps the hair follicles to promote the production of hair but the presence of the hair follicles is important.

Side Effects of Latisse:-

  • However, it should be used within the limit as over usage can cause hyper pigmentation of the skin when comes in much contact and can lead to unwanted dark spots on your skin.
  • The medicine is not FDA approved yet for usage on scalp.

Nevertheless, today there are many modern methods available to get a treatment for hair loss/fall. There are home remedies, medications, oils, non-surgical treatments and finally surgical treatments like hair transplants in Chennai.

There are many factors that decide which methods you choose in addition to this the actual reason f the hair loss also decide what treatment to follow.

The use of Latisse is not an effective solution in long-term plus the cost goes far high, instead of this hair transplant is rated excellent as it safe, permanent and 100% natural. There are many variations in hair transplant treatments that depend on your personal needs, budget, time and number of hair follicles. The plus of hair transplant is it fast, trending and painless.

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