Patient’s Words:

Hair Loss is my family problem. My hair started falling 5 years back when i was in Pune. I tried many hair loss treatments but nothing worth full. After doing lot of R & D on internet i came across hair transplant surgery. So i decided to go for hair transplantation as it is natural.

I watched lot of videos of hair transplant surgery on YouTube.

Many a times, i was scared by reading some negative reviews by patients who had already taken surgery.  So i just drop the idea to take hair transplantation & started looking for alternatives such as hair wigs, hair toupees etc.

In the meantime i met my 3-4 friends whose look was completely changed and they said it was only possible trough hair transplant surgery. So i decided definitely to go for it. I consult with many doctors & they suggested me 5000 grafts, but the cost they are charging is very high. but i was looking for affordable treatment.

Luckily i came across Natural Hair Transplant clinic from Pune. It was a panel of doctors in pune .They suggested me Dr. Amitabh (MBBS, Plastic Surgeon). Hair Transplant in Pune seemed to be quite affordable to me as it was only 30 INR. Per graft.

I want to clear all my doubts so I have R & D on internet about Natural Hair Transplant. I found NHT is not only present in Pune but also providing hair transplant in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Nagpur, Gurgaon, Noida, Kochi, Patna, Lucknow etc.  I also found they had done more than 2000 successful hair transplantation.

Now, i was quite sure to get hair transplant from NHT Pune. Next day i visited Dr. He explained all the process. On the first day i grafted 3000 grafted extracted & implanted in 5-6 hours. 2nd day 2000 grafts were again extracted & implanted to bald areas.

Look at the pictures taken during surgery:


It was a really a very nice experience with Dr. His team was really helpful. I enjoyed meal & tea there. My all over experience was really nice.