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The doctors recommended by Natural Hair Transplant generally give the pricing based on the graft count. This is done where the baldness level is ideally 2, 3 or 4. However when the requirement is big let's say Level 5, 6 or 7 then the price is negotiable and a package is made in agreement with the patient. In the case of Level 2, 3 and 4 per graft cost varies from Rs 25 to Rs 40. The price factors are solely determined by the respective clinic/doctor based on their experience/reputation/technology used and market value. Most of clinics recommended by Natural Hair Transplant have made it a practice to OFFER FREE PRP session at the time of hair transplant session. The best part is that many have started to give EMI facility to credit card holders and just in case you do not have a credit card then you can opt for Bajaj Finance which is usually 0% finance.

Agra 25/Graft* —-
Ahmedbad 35/Graft 50/Graft
Bhilai 35/Graft* —-
Bhiwani 40/Graft —-
Bhubaneswar 25/Graft* —-
Chandigarh 30/Graft* 45/Graft
Chennai 35/Graft —-
Cochin 45/Graft 55/Graft
Coimbatore 45/Graft —-
Dehradun 25/Graft* —-
Delhi 30/Graft* 45/Graft
Gurgaon 35/Graft* —-
Guwahati 40/Graft —-
Hyderabad 32/Graft* 42/Graft
Indore(Dhar) 35/Graft 50/Graft
Jaipur 25/Graft 50/Graft
Jalandhar 35/Graft 50/Graft
Kolkata 45/Graft 55/Graft
Lucknow 30/Graft* —-
Ludhiana 25/Graft 50/Graft
Mumbai 30/Graft 50/Graft
Nagpur 40/Graft 50/Graft
Pune 32/Graft* 42/Graft
Raipur 30/Graft —-
Ranchi 30/Graft 50/Graft
Siliguri 45/Graft 55/Graft
Surat 30/Graft* —-
Trivandrum 45/Graft 55/Graft
Varanasi 40/Graft —-
Vishakhapatnam 30/Graft —-

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