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BIO-FUE Hair Transplant

Bio Fue Hair Transplant

Bio-FUE is the more advanced form of FUE hair transplant procedure. In Bio-FUE technique, the blood is taken from hair prone areas and re-injected into the transplanted area, giving extremely positive hair growth results. This procedure helps in re-growth of hairs in bald/patch areas and it also enhances the strengthening of existing hair follicles by activating the dead cells.

The process is simple and it is based upon the concept of human germinative cells which are helpful in re-constructing various body structures. These cells are also supportive in curing diseases like polio and various types of injuries.

The centrifuge of patient’s live cells is done by taking care of some specific conditions like time, speed, temperature etc. Due to injecting the active cells after performing normal FUE procedure, the outcomes are considerably improved.

Advantages of Bio-FUE Hair Restoration

    The patients can get the following benefits from this advanced surgical hair transplant procedure:

  • Improved hair texture and quality
  • Encourage the stem cells of transplanted hair
  • Overall hair growth stimulation
  • Faster healing for both – donor and recipient sites
  • Highly accurate results

  • Why get it done at NHT Clinics?

    The NHT clinics provide this advanced surgical hair transplantation with utmost care & attention in every phase, due to which our patients achieve the most satisfied results. Also, our hair transplant doctors are having exposure to international techniques and they are widely recognized for their skills & professionalism.