1. Don’t Wash Hair In Hot Water :
    Avoid scrubbing down or washing your hair in high temp water rather utilize a little warm or cool water, on the grounds that the warmth can dry out and harm your hair and skin.
  2. Never brush wet hair :
    Never brush wet hair as it could bring about harm, on the grounds that wet hair is gentler and just breaks when brushed that is hard to repair. Subsequently, hold brushing your hair until hairs don’t get dry.
  3. Use some home products :
    An elucidating cleanser and a decent conditioner may restore brilliance to your hair which incorporates gone dull. You can as well use some home products such as curd, Aloe Vera or onion juice on the lieu of market products.
  4. Blow dryer and twisting irons- Use in Limit :
    Limit the utilization of hot electrical things on your hair, for example, a blow dryer and twisting irons. If, despite everything you need to utilize then make a point to not make it about the same spot for a really long time.
  5. Change your Diet Plan :
    Make some changes in your diet plan. Add some items in your diet include proper nutrients that aim to protect your hair from any internal harm and help to grow more hairs.
  6. Devour more Water :
    Try to devour as much water as you can in a day as hairs oblige water to grow especially amid the winter.
  7. Take care from Pullution :
    Protect your hair from the pollution or dust when somewhere out.