Wow is the answer when we see a woman’s with thick long hair! Simultaneously it is same with men also. But now a day’s hair loss has became a very common problem for men and women. We daily lose at least 50 to 100 strands of hair when we comb our hair or when they get strangled.

There are several reasons as to why we all are losing hair at an alarming rate. There might be many reasons like pollution, genetic c factors, and unbalanced diet, stress. We all live in a fear that if hair once fallen can never grow up. But with advancement in medical technologies there is a answer to your baldness that we can choose for hair transplant with effective results with which your own hair will be implanted and these hair follicles will grow on your head.

India is emerging as a center for hair transplant with clinics spread all over in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Delhi and also hair transplant in Ludhiana. Among these cities Ludhiana which is already called an industrial city is coming up in hair transplant surgeries also. Where the price is affordable and result are quite impressive. You can consult with the advisors of Natural Hair Transplant which is the panel of hair transplant doctors all over India. NHT has big hand to boost the medical tourism in the field of hair transplantation.


There are Many Myths Regarding Baldness:

1 You are going bald, if you maternal grandfather is bald:

It is not true that if your maternal grandfather is bald you are also going to be bald. It is often genetic and comes from both the parents.  It is also true that genes are responsible for hair loss or baldness.

maternal grandpa baldness

2. Cutting hair promotes hair growth:

Cutting your hair might make your hair look lusciously thick but it doesn’t mean cutting your hair leads to hair loss. Hair has a non viable tissue so cutting does not affect hair growth.

cutting hairs


3. Scalp massage will help hair to grow faster:

Hair massage does not really helps in hair loss but the physical stimulation on the hair follicles may cause damage to the hair.

scalp message

4. Using many kinds of shampoos:

Nowadays people try to change to products regularly and they use wide variety of shampoos, go ahead because our scalp does not get addicted to a particular shampoo. There is no link between hair products and loss.

Using Shampoo


5. Birth control pills:

Birth control pills are a reason for hair loss is only a myth because all birth pills do not contain androgen.  Only women who use birth pills with high amount of progesterone do have chances of hairfall.

birth control pills


6. Blow drying does not cause hair fall:

Blow drying does not cause hair fall. Nowadays we regularly use hair dryer to dry our hairs fast which does not affect our hair obviously.

Blow drying

7. Thinning of hair:

Thinning of hair can occur irrespective of age. Stress can lead to falling of hair. Nowadays children and adolescents are also loosing hair at a very fast pace. So we should be alert in the very early ages also.

hair thinning


8. Losing hair leads to baldness:

Falling of hair is a natural process as we lose upto 50 to 100 strands of hair disly which is not a serious issue. We see them on our pillows and in our comb. This does not mean we are going bald.

Loosing hairs leads to baldness


9. Exposedness to sun rays also causes baldness.

It has become a myth in people that if we expose ourselves to sun we will lose hair fast. It is true that being in sun for a longer period of time or exposing ourselves to sunlight our hair might become dull. Surely being in the sun without sunscreen on the scalp is going to burn it but there will be no hair loss. In fact, we get the required Vitamin D from the sun.

Sun Exposure


10. Wearing caps too often can lead to hair fall.

Hair follicles get oxygen from the blood flowing through our scalp, wearing of caps, scarf and any other head gear does not stop them from breathing. If we wear a cap that exerts excessive tension or friction on your head then it might lead to hair loss. In fact wearing caps protects our hair from dust and pollution.

cap leads to baldness - myth