If you could name me one person who is now bald or is facing problems with his hair growth and is still proud, that would be unbelievable. Every one of us I mean including girls specifically are eager to know about the secrets on how to make your hair grow faster.

To know how to make your hair grow faster is a top secret if you ask this from those who are able to maintain their long and beautiful hair. Having long and beautiful that grows fast as well is a desire for many a women and girls. It is important to understand that natural hair growth can be achieved only by following a strict schedule like having a balanced died, keep a track that you are taking appropriate inputs of desired vitamins for your hair, you are using a good shampoo and conditioner are all important tips which are must to know on how to make your hair grow faster.


Most of us do not now but it is known fact that our hair on an average grows ½ an inch during a month if we give it adequate care. The women and young girls always love to have long, luscious and flowing hair. They keep asking their friends on regular tips on how to make hair grow faster.

If you do not provide adequate care to your hair, they will become fragile and can break easily. Age does not matter in most of the cases where hair loss is a problem. Yes, there are some genetic problems but with adequate hair care tips you can avoid hair loss. Knowing tips on how to make your hair grow faster is certainly an advantage.

Everybody be it man or woman has its own body features which also determine their hair growth features. Even if all of us want to have beautiful and healthy hairs only few are lucky.  Some important hair care tips on how to make your hair grow faster are discussed in the succeeding paragraphs

  • Following a proper hair hygiene schedule is a top priority. You need to clean your hair regularly with good shampoo and conditioner. This will help your hair to be healthy, soft, silky and shiny. It will also be free of dandruff. Remember not to use harsh shampoos that could harm your hair growth.
  • Regular Trimming of Hair helps in avoiding split ends. Trimming would not mean to cut hair by a long length but only enough to remove the split ends. The split ends come in the way of your natural hair growth.
  • Go for a scalp massage with hot oil. This will increase the blood circulation that helps the hair to grow faster. When the massage is done on the scalp, the oil is absorbed by the scalp and it helps in hair growth. It is recommended to use olive oil or coconut oil but remember it is hot.
  • Go for a balanced diet. It is always advisable to be on a healthy diet. Healthy hair can be got by having regular vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, E and H. Plenty of green vegetables are recommended in the diet chart. Don’t miss out on the fruits and drink a plenty of water. Avoid nicotine, caffeine and alcohol or drugs that could cause hair damage.
  • Limited Styling Options. DO NOT indulge in regular styling options as these would lead to breaking of hair and thus hair loss. Regular styling would also mean using of tools for curling, bleaching and chemicals of hair can weaken hair roots.

The above hair growing tips if followed with adequate care could be helpful and effective way that could help you know how to make your hair grow faster.