Almost people face hair growth related problems in winters. Hair growth gets affected by season. Summer and winter both affect hair growth, but in winters you need to take more care of your hair for a faster hair growth. Here are some simple useful tips that can help you grow your hair faster in winters also.

1.    Proper Diet:

In winters human body requires internal care more than external to fight with the side effects of too much cold. Likewise, making efforts to keep hair strong internally is necessary for a healthy hair growth and for that it is required to include vitamin and minerals in your everyday meal. Make sure that dry fruits, egg, fruits and green salad are there in your everyday diet. All these things internally boost the growth of hairs.

2.    Water in Body:

In winter people consume or drink water in low quantity that is not good for body’s overall structure. A plenty of water in the body is require for hair growth as well as stop hair falling. If you are unable to drink simple water in winters then try little warm water to complete the water need in the body. High consumption of water will help you grow hair faster in winters also.

3.    Exercise:

A little exercise in a day on a regular basis keep your body’s condition good by warming up your body in the cold. If you are fit internally and externally then you can have a faster hair growth.

4.    Massage on Scalp:

Massaging your scalp with a good hair oil is necessary no matter what the season is. When you massage your scalp with oil, it provides nourishment and moisture to the hair root that cannot be achieved in winter season easily. When your hair roots receive proper nourishment and moisture, then it boosts your hair growth procedure in the winters. Almond oil, coconut oil, mustard seed oil, etc. can be used for massage.

5.    Prevention:

During winters it is also suggested to prevent your hair from direct cold as well as artificial heat of electronics like hair dryer and straighter etc. rather you can prefer drying your hair in the sun. In winters it provides benefit to your hairs where artificial heat harms your hair and hair start falling. You can also wear a cap to prevent hair from direct cold in the winters.