Our hair is made up of shaft and root. Roots are made up of cells, these cells have a life cycle they grow, stay, die and fall off and then grow again. During the active lifespan of the hair, the blood supply is constant and continuous, which results in growth and maintaining the health of the hair. Drinking alcohol regularly adversely affect the health and hair growth by obstructing the nutrients absorption in the blood and finally to the roots which are responsible for the health of the hair. NHT is an expert online hair transplant service provider. We have a strong network and associations with well qualified and renowned doctors through the country. We can help you to get the best hair transplant in Chennai.

Alcohol & Hair
•    With the consumption of the liquor the level of estrogens increases which affects the growth of the hair follicle.
•    It also reduces the levels of zinc present in the body, lowering the other essential vitamin levels like Vitamin B & C which are important for healthy hair.
•    Affects iron present in blood which is a significant component of hair growth.
•    Excessive alcohol intake adversely affects all the vitamins and mineral in the body. Deficiency of any vitamins or mineral, protein results in hair fall.
•    Alcohol reduces the cell production which again leads to hair loss
•    Alcohol harmfully affects the nutrition in the body, which affects overall growth of the body.
•    Alcohol depletes the level of Vitamin D, which is important for hair, it helps in growing hair. Vitamin D is rich in the sun’s rays, allowing sunlight to fall on your body for 15 minutes daily, you will get the daily dose necessary.

alcohal hair loss
Other Factors for Hair Loss
•    Hygiene and cleanliness of scalp
•    Heredity
•    Any Long-term disease
•    Malnutrition
•    Mental stress
•    Infection of fungus or bacteria
•    Insomnia and sleeping pills etc.
•    Not moisturizing the scalp
•    Using contraceptive pills continuously
•    Pregnancy, due to the growth of the hormone called Progesterone in the body, its direct effect falls on the hair
•    Hair loss due to head injury or excessive use of cosmetics such as hair spray, hair setting cream etc in hair.
•    Binding the hair too tightly can also cause hair loss.
•    Hair loss can also be caused by anemia or anemia.
•    Thyroid may also be the cause of hair fall. If your hair falls too much then you can get the thyroid profile test done in a lab.
•    Lower levels of Vitamin B or abnormal levels are also the cause of hair fall.
•    Higher amounts of vitamin A may also be the cause of hair fall.
•    Due to decreasing weight or due to dieting or any illness, hair tends to weaken and break down.
•    Lack of sleep is also due to hair loss, so take plenty of sleep and stay healthy.
Alcohol abuse is a serious disease that has gone deep into the roots of the Indian society dangerously. The alcohol addicts forget all moral values, ethic, and their responsibilities, it a stigma in the society. Drinking alcohol occasionally is fine, there is no harm in that, but getting addicted to it is a matter of concern. This not only affects the functionalities of the body organs like kidney, brain, heart, lungs etc.

Reasons of Alcohol Addictions:-​
Social Requirements:

Many people drink in function under the pressure of relatives and friends. Sometimes due to continuous such pressures person gets addicted.

If there the parents are alcoholic then the chances of alcohol addiction increases in the child.

Mental stress and depression:
Many people start taking alcohol to get rid of the tension and boredom of life.

Through TV commercials, when a person watches his favorite hero etc. drinking or advertising liquor in a fancy way, there are many chances that people try once, twice and then it becomes the habit.
Even small amount of alcohol also affects your body as it quickly gets into the blood of our body and reduces the water levels. Consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol results in acidity, stomach ulcers, liver cirrhosis, liver cirrhosis, hypertension, arterial sclerosis, diabetes, and heart disease, and weakening of bones. It also increases the chances of mouth cancer, stomach and pancreas cancer.

Avoiding Alcohol:
•    Consult Doctor
•    Eat more of salads
•    Indulge into sports
•    Eat something before drinking
•    Take Vitamin B supplements
•    Bribe yourself
•    Leave the bad company
•    Reduce the amount
•    The quantity of water in our body 2/3rd, so the body needs more water to keep it hydrated and healthy. Water provides the essential nutrients and the nourishment required by the roots of the hair to keep them strengthened, shiny and beautiful. Drink plenty of water to keep hair from falling and to keep healthy. Water also helps in reducing weight.