Hair transplantation has become a very common phenomenon in men, during the modern age. But, patients are suggested to carry out a detailed research on the procedure before they opt for the same. This is because hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, and this can cause complications if not addressed properly. Getting hold of a good doctor is one of the major criteria, while it is equally important that you follow the guidelines strictly. Adherence to guidelines is very important and the following suggestions can help you out in a right way.



 1. It is important that you restrain from smoking and drinking at least a few weeks before the transplantation mechanism takes place. Cigarettes and alcohol can be dangerous and it can reduce your immunity levels to a large extent.

 2. Getting your bold clotted at the point where hair extraction takes place, is very important. Once you are addicted to alcohol or smoking you can reduce the chances getting the clots which can damage your scalp permanently.

 3. Alcohol and cigarettes can produce free radicals within your system. This is undesired as the post-operative medications can interfere with free radicals.

 4. Negative reactions from medications are very common if you an alcohol addict. Such reactions can take a serious toll on your system and cause a permanent damage.


As a patient you are requested, to judge the pros and cons of the entire process before you jump into the same. Doctors and clinics play an important part, but you need to know your system clearly and have to set right kind of expectations before you go for a procedural hair transplantation mechanism.