Hair transplantation is the most advanced form of surgery taking place in the country. There are various clinics in all the major cities of India which are doing hair transplantation at an affordable cost.

Here we will be discussing Stem cell therapy for hair transplantation. Before moving on with this discussion it will be better to highlight the process of hair transplantation in short.

Hair transplantation is a kind of surgery where the hair follicles get removed from one part of the body which is known as the donor site to the bald part that is the recipient site. This surgical process is mainly done to cure male baldness but now hair transplantation is effective in both male and female.  This surgical process is also done to restore eyelashes, beard hair, hair in the chest and even the eyebrows.

The cause of hair fall is highly diversified. It may be due to the gene or sometimes pollution makes the root of the hair weak which leads to falling.  In the recent years, it has been seen that people after reaching the age of 40 get hair fall which sometimes leads to baldness.

A surgery is very much needed for people who are suffering from hair fall. Hair transplantation is the most advanced and productive surgery to get back the good old hair.

There are variable processes by which hair transplant can be done. The most common are the FUE and FOSS. But here as said earlier that the discussion will be based on stem cell therapy.

This is an important therapy which is both practiced and is even productive for proper hair transplantation. The process is absolutely non- surgical. The therapy after a time period helps to grow the hair back.  Though it is a little bit time consuming yet it gives an efficient result.

Though people in the recent times are supporting surgical process as it gives a quick recovery yet stem cell therapy has been a preference for many customers.

The hair stem cell transplantation which is commonly known as HASCI helps in removing the entire hair follicle but keeps few hair stem cells in the donor area in order to stimulate the growth. Only a little part gets removed and the existing slowly gives a new growth to the hair. It may hardly take few weeks time. One can get the actual result may be after nine months time period.

stem cell therapy for hair loss

It is very true that this process consumes a lot of time for the growth of hair. But it gives a very effective result at the end.  In almost all the cities stem cell therapy is practiced.

What makes this therapy a good one for the customers?

Though it is time taking yet this therapy is highly preferred by the people.  There are obviously certain reasons which have made this therapy a strong competitor of the various surgical process of transplantation.

  • The treatment has no such hassles and is painless- Stem cell therapy treatment is completely painless and creates no such hassles. This surgery will cause no such great pain to a person.
  • Multiple transplantations- In this method there are chances of multiple transplantations. The process of operation can be carried from a single donor site.
  • No such scar is visible after the treatment. Stem cell therapy has no proper side effects in the body.

The treatment has got certain benefits for which people are actually taking up this process for their hair growth.

  • The treatment will give 100% effective result to hair fall. One can easily get this treatment done for hair transplantation.
  • The process is very much safe with no such side effects- Stem cell therapy is the safest process that can be used to do a hair transplant. People can undergo this treatment for an effective result without any effect in the body.
  • A positive result in a short span- The process gives a productive result within a short span of time. This is also one added advantage of this therapy.
  • No such pain- This point has already been mentioned that this therapy causes no such great pain on the human body. This is an absolutely painless therapy.

Hair transplant in Pune is the most popular destination in India.  The city offers quality hair transplant treatment for all the people suffering from hair loss.