Swelling is one of the main side effects of Hair Transplant surgery. After one week of the surgery, reduction in swelling can be noticed, but if does not happens then it can lead to infection.

It can create great discomfort if it does not reduce over the time. Following measures should be taken in order to reduce the swelling.

Keep the Head in Elevated position:

Keep your head in elevated position while sleeping. You can use many pillows for this while sleeping. It also minimizes the chance of damage to newly transplanted hairs.

Use of Medications:

Drugs can also b taken to reduce swelling over the head. All the medication should be taken with the direction of doctor. Doses should be taken according to the doctor’s prescription

Cold compression around the eyes:

After the surgery, swelling can also be noticed around the eyes. Application of cold compressions can help to reduce the swelling of eyes. But you should careful while applying the cold compressions as it can affect the new hair follicles if something goes wrong.

Avoid too much physical activity:

Patient needs to void forceful or strong physical activity because it can increase swelling which can results in infection.

Use of steroids:

Steroid can be taken in the form of injections such as Kenalog, Medrol and Triamcinolone. These injections help to reduce swelling on forehead.

Swelling is the very first and general kind of side affect of Hair transplant surgery. It can create problems for many days, if you don’t take proper steps to cure swelling.