India has always been the best destination for hair transplant due to various reasons, mainly due to reputed chains of hair transplant clinics and panel of expert surgeons who have vast experience and are well versed with the latest techniques in hair transplant surgery. Here are some reasons to support the fact.

  1. Cost: Compared to other countries, cost of hair transplant is less, although FUE transplant cost more than the FUT method because of the expertise required in performing the painless surgical procedure.
  2. Medical facilities: Top class medical facilities along with high grade hospitality and availability of reputed surgeons and doctors are some reasons for India being considered as the best among all medical tourism destinations.
  3. Ultra-modern medical equipment: India is a destination where you will find ultra-modern medical equipment and latest techniques being followed by expert professional doctors. Techniques include FUT, FUE, Body Hair Transplant, Eyebrow Hair Transplant, Direct Hair Transplant, Long Hair Transplant, Bio-fue Hair Transplant and PRP Therapy.
  4. Chain of clinics: India is a place where there are many chains of clinics where modern treatment for hair restoration is provided. There are reputed chains having branches at all the major cities and other places. While having a unique experience in touring India, you can have your hair transplant done at a cost that is comparatively much lesser than in other countries.
  5. Results: People who had come to India for hair transplant have experienced good results within a span of 1 year. Innovative technology  being mastered by reputed hair transplant surgeons in India has been the major cause of patients getting unexpected results.

Searching on the internet, you will find many reputed hair transplant clinics having chain of centers all over India, from where you can choose the best suited to your needs