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Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu and the fourth largest city. It is one of the largest city economies of India, also known "The Detroit of India". Ranked third in terms of per capita income. Formerly known as "Madras". Get to know where you can get the hair transplant in Chennai done. The expertise in hair transplant is very significant. It is important to get this treatment done from specialist. Hair transplant in Chennai is done using latest techniques and highly educated and experienced doctors. The technique of FUE can't be performed by any doctor, only the specialist can do it. Hair loss is a general condition and affects most people at some time in their lives. Androgenetic hair loss is observed in both men and women. ...

Global Surgical Hair Restoration Patients

There are many types of hair loss and yes finding the exact cause can be challenging. Diseases like Thyroid, anaemia, chemotherapy and low vitamin levels may also cause hair loss. And when it comes to Prevention of hair loss, all you need is good hair hygiene, regular shampooing and proper nutrition. Hair Transplant is an Effective, easy and painless way to treat hair loss.

Most simple hair transplants are conducted under local anaesthesia. This means you will be untroubled but awake, only the part to be operated on will be numb. In FUE method single hair follicle are taken from the backside of head and implanted in the bald area with the help of punching tools. In FUT a strip of donor's hair will be taken from the back of the head. It will be cut it into smaller segments and hair will be inserted into front of head (on bald area) as per the design that you and surgeon have bought upon. Implantation part is same in both techniques FUE and FUT, only extraction method is different. Grafts containing more hair are placed in front of the head and grafts with less hair are implanted after the frontal part near to crown section of the head. Patients usually need medications only for few weeks after the procedure.

Other questions regarding Hair Transplant
Is there any Exception that may lead to failure of the treatment?
  • Our few exceptions include People with hair loss all over their head. This means there will probably not be a good donor hair site that can be used.
  • People with diseases like lupus or psoriasis, or other health conditions that could cause the transplant to disappoint.
  • And finally, if you smoke you will have to quit before you seek surgical hair restoration. Smoking is horrible for transplants as it directly affects the circulation of the scalp. Smokers often will have brittle hair to begin with and an unfortunate result.
What are the Benefits of getting Hair Transplant done?
  • Limited scarring- Strip harvesting causes a minimal, narrow scar which is camouflaged by your hair.
  • Natural hair growth- This rearrangement of your actual healthy hair follicles can give you an authentic look.
  • Long-lasting effects. Successful hair transplants will last a long time.
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Hair transplant cost in Chennai

To find a good clinic is a tough job and cost becomes secondary when results are not good. Hair transplant cost in Chennai depends on the type of procedure you choose, as FUE, BIO FUE, FUT and DHT hair transplant etc., all have a different price range. Our technology is completely at par with international standards. Furthermore, the experience and reputation of the doctor play a major part in selecting the right clinic and doctor. The cost of Hair Transplant in Chennai is very low as compared to other cities.

All you need is an experienced and skilled doctor who has excellent skills for the surgery and then you shouldn't be worried about the cost because it's worth investing in Hair transplant.

Why NHT Chennai for Hair transplant?

NHT is service provider that understands the need of the hair transplant and is well versed with the technical knowledge in this field. Having years of experience in dealing with hair transplant and having tie ups with well experienced and professional doctors, NHT is able to deliver the best results in hair transplant in Chennai. We work in a unique way to deliver unique results.

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Our team is personally chosen and trained and is diligently selected to ensure the delivery of best-in-class services to all the patients who are looking for Hair Transplant in Chennai. If you need surgery, our doctors will guide and decide on the coverage area, density and size of grafts. Our motto is to investigate new modalities in hair transplant methods.

Hair Transplant Services Offered in Chennai
  • FUE hair transplant process has been certified to be safe enough to be conducted on patients.
  • Giga sessions Upto 4000 grafts can be transplanted with Giga Session in a day.
  • Body hair transplant Hairs from body parts used where there is poor donor at scalp.


Know Your Hair Transplant cost

Step 1 - Select your baldness level

baldness level

Step 2 - Fill the form below

Most Trusted Hair Transplant Doctors Of Chennai

Dr. Sainath Matsa - Hair Transplant Doctor in Chennai

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Fellowship In Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgeon in Chennai

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Dr. Ariganesh Chandrasegaran - Hair Transplant Doctor in Chennai

MBBS, MD – Dermatology

Hair Transplant Surgeon in Chennai

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