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The surgical hair transplant in Delhi is believed to be the most effective treatment option. Hair loss and balding have now become a very prevalent issue among the Delhi people but the new technological medications have brought permanent solutions to treat this problem. Transplant procedures have improved significantly in recent years. Hair transplant is now recognized as a sure and fruitful cure for baldness.

Hair Transplant in Delhi-Patient's Results

It is a Cosmetic treatment that is done to restore the lost hair. In this process, the hair follicles are moved from the donor site to the receiver area which brings long term and permanent solutions for all those people who are suffering from hair loss and baldness. It includes various methods of hair transplantation like taking grafts from the back and putting it near the front or cutting away strip of hairs and stitching the rest together which is very rarely used technique and is the oldest one. When it comes to hair transplant in Delhi, We usually deal with FUE techniques for the hair restoration purposes which give the best results without any pain or scar. The area of the scalp that is affected dictates the number of sessions that are required to restore hair growth. Our all medical procedures begin with a thorough consultation and after that honest solutions are given to the patients. ...

Number of surgical procedure per month

There are also patients who are looking for hair transplant in Delhi for beard and moustache, eyebrow and improvement or enhancement of their exiting hair line. There are many patients from within India and from abroad who are looking from experienced and best hair transplant surgeons in Delhi. We are sure to get you the best solution because doctors in our panel follow some great rules of the profession. Our surgeons have great experience in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), FUHT (Follicular Unit Hair Transplant also known as Strip Method). Our doctors also suggest and provide treatments such as Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet-rich plasma Therapy that help to improve and retain your existing hair for a longer period. Our doctors are located in Malviya Nagar, Greater Kailash, Green Park at Delhi.

In 2014, over three-quarters (75%) of ISHRS members performed between zero and 19 hair restoration surgical procedures per month. Members performed an average of 15 hair restoration surgical procedures per month in 2014.

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Cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi

To cover the larger areas of baldness, multiple grafts are required. This in turns means longer sessions, which in turn means an increase in cost. If the procedure is done by the experienced hair transplant doctors, then you will surely regain your lost hair as well as your lost confidence.

With every passing year, we are provisioning more and more satisfied clients from within the city as well as from outside with our affordable Hair transplantation in Delhi. Though we have the state of the art techniques for carrying out the procedures yet, you will incur the costs that are very much competitive as compared to other cities.

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Hair transplant in Delhi is considered to be the best in the entire nation due its rapid development in term of technology with each passing year. However, hair transplant in Delhi can be a bit high when it comes to the pocket pinching factor. There are some valid reasons behind its high cost compared to the other cities. Below we are listing the factors that determine the cost of hair transplantation in Delhi. ...

Factors affecting the cost of hair transplant in Delhi
hair transplant cost in delhi as per baldness level
  • Best Surgeons: Delhi has successfully attracted the best hair transplantation doctors in the city who are skilled and are experts in this field.
  • Trained Supervisors: Apart from best doctors, the supervisors who work with the doctors are nothing less. They are well trained and miraculously carry out surgery along with the doctor.
  • Surgery Technique: Hair transplant surgery in Delhi is carried out following different procedures which are determined by the extent of the hair loss. Therefore, hair transplant surgery cost in Delhi is determined by the procedure that being followed. The most common procedures include FUT, FUE, scalp expansion, etc.
  • Best Infrastructure: The city is also blessed with the best infrastructural development in the hair transplant clinics. The clinics have all the modern equipments which are required to carry out the surgery successfully.
  • Clinic Location: The location of the clinic also determines the cost of hair transplantation surgery in Delhi. If a clinic is situated in a posh area of the city, then chances are high that the surgery expense might go high than the clinics which might be located in the suburbs.
  • Hair Fall Severity: Again, the amount of hair fall determines the expense of the surgery. If the hair fall extend is high, then the amount of hair transplantation will be higher in which case the expense will automatically go high.
  • The level of baldness whereas the other factors affecting the cost of the treatment include the Experience of the doctor, the location of the clinic, etc

Delhi is a lively city reflecting a perfect blend of modernization and traditional values. Being the capital city of India, Delhi is the center for attracting students, entrepreneurs, tourists, etc. every year. 'Delhi-ites' are dealing with many health issues because of the pollution of Delhi, fast paced life styles, etc. And one of the biggest problems faced by the people of Delhi is Hair loss. Everybody loves their hair and so do the people in Delhi. You can choose surgical or non-surgical method as per the directions of your doctor.

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Why NHT Delhi for Hair Transplant?

Do you have other questions?
What are the solutions for temporary hair loss?

A good daily multivitamin diet containing zinc, vitamin B, iron, and calcium is a reasonable solution to deal with hair loss issues whereas advertised hair-regrowth supplements should be approached with mild caution. Furthermore, the proper care of hair during summer seasons is another way to protect your hair.

What is male and female baldness?

Female pattern baldness is the most commonly seen type of hair loss among women, which is general and overall thinning Whereas Male pattern baldness is regarded as being due to genetics. Male baldness is also called permanent pattern baldness.

What is Telogen effluvium?

This temporary condition of the hair loss for 2-3 months only and is usually seen in women. It happens after pregnancy, due to low-protein crash diet or due to some other event like surgery. It results in overall loss of hair and automatically stops after few months.

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Hair Transplant Services Offered in Delhi
  • FUE hair transplant process has been certified to be safe enough to be conducted on patients.
  • Giga sessions Upto 4000 grafts can be transplanted with Giga Session in a day.
  • Body hair transplant Hairs from body parts used where there is poor donor at scalp.


Know Your Hair Transplant cost

Step 1 - Select your baldness level

baldness level

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Most Trusted Hair Transplant Doctors Of Delhi
Dr. Sangay Bhutia, hair transplant doctor in Delhi

Dr. Sangay Bhutia

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Location : Delhi

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Dr. Sakshi Sareen, hair transplant doctor in Delhi

Dr. Sakshi Sareen

MBBS, MD (Dermatology)

Location : Delhi

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Dr. Amrendra Kumar, hair transplant doctor in Delhi

Dr. Amrendra Kumar

MD Dermatology

Location : Delhi

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Dr. Kavish Chouhan, hair transplant doctor in Delhi

Dr. Kavish Chouhan

MD Dermatology

Location : Delhi

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Dr. Jyoti Gupta, hair transplant surgeon in Delhi

Dr. Jyoti Gupta

MBBS – Dermatologist

Location : Delhi

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