Best Hair Transplant Surgery in Kota

The Benefits You Can Get At Natural Hair Transplant:

What about the Hair Growth in Donor Area?

You might be interested to know that whether the hair will grow back in the donor area after the hair loss/hair restoration treatment. Well, it is almost impossible because the hair follicles are completely removed in the process of FUE extraction. Though the remaining hair will continue to grow and they will surround the donor area and also help in concealing the spots and scars where the incisions were made.

Now the question arises that how you can promote re-growth in the donor area?

And the answer is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy. This technique is generally used to facilitate the healing at donor site along with improving the hair growth in an efficient manner.

Most Commonly Used Hair Transplant Methods:

If we talk about the best and common hair restoration techniques used by the hair transplant doctors in Kota, then these are

The process of extraction and transplantation of hair grafts are identical in both the hair transplant techniques; the only difference is that in case of Bio FUE hair transplant surgery, the hair growth factors in the form of blood plasma, are injected into the scalp, so as to ensure the faster & effective growth of hair and to accomplish the most satisfied hair transplant results in minimal time.

Hair Transplant Services Offered in Kota
  • FUE hair transplant process has been certified to be safe enough to be conducted on patients.
  • Giga sessions Upto 4000 grafts can be transplanted with Giga Session in a day.
  • Body hair transplant Hairs from body parts used where there is poor donor at scalp.


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