Post Surgery Care / Hair Transplant Post Operation Care and Instructions

Post Surgery Care and Instructions for Hair Transplant

DO NOT WORRY much about the pain as mild pain is bound to happen.

Take recommended medicines as per prescription. Take adequate milk and/or food before taking food. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES take medicines empty stomach.

Watching TV and/or listening to soft music is recommended to help relax.

AVOID any kind of exertion or jerky movements to your head.

Go early to bed and use soft pillow. While sleeping lay on your back OR side wards. DO NOT sleep with hand under your head.

If you feel pain at any point of time after initial medication, repeat the pain killer as advised by doctor. TAKE MEDICINE WITH MILK.

Day 2

If locally available get the bandage removed from the doctor as per prior appointment OR please ask the doctor for instructions to follow.

Take bath of your body EXCLUDING your head.

Take your medicines after breakfast.

Cleaning of grafts after removal of bandage – Moisture is necessary for grafts. Follow detailed instructions from doctor.

Week 1 – DO NOT comb or rub the grafts. Rest of the area can be done with care.

Week 2 – MILD rubbing of new grafts is permissible. You can start using minoxidil lotion twice daily or as recommended by doctor. Grafts start to fall during this time but there is nothing to worry as these will re-grow in 3-4 months of time.

About Donor Area – This needs to be taken care by cleaning and spray as good as its done for the new graft area. After this put the ointment as recommended by your doctor. The stitches will gently get loosened in 7-10 days and fall apart.

Exercise – Recommended walking/mild jogging for atleast 2 weeks. NO neck stretch exercises to be done during this time.

Post Operative Swelling : There are few cases where post-operative swelling may occur. This could be visible towards the fore head and be upto 4-5 days. In such cases you are advised to apply ice cubes by putting them in a piece of cloth. Apply these ice cubes 2-3 minutes atleast 4-5 times a day.

Our doctors and their team are available for follow up discussions, if any. DO REMEMBER to take the contact details of your doctor before you leave the clinic.