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The most advanced and latest treatment of hair transplant in Dhanbad, Mango, Deoghar, Phusro is now available. Our doctors have done 1000 of successful cases. Our doctors also provided 100% guaranteed of hair transplant. The people from Latehar, Chatra, Koderma, Lohardaga also visit our clinic for hair transplant treatment at cheapest cost. FUE hair transplant and BIO FUE hair transplant is now most advanced and most preferred hair transplant treatment by doctors. There are other hair transplant treatments like FUT hair transplant is also available but in this treatment doctor cut a full strip from back of your head and implant graft onto your bald area one by one. So that's why doctor not recommend this treatment to his patient. All doctors use FUE and BIO FUE hair transplant because this is stitch less and scar less method, and patient feel minor pain during surgery. In this treatment doctor pick graft (group of 2-3 hairs) one by one from back of your head (donor area) and implant to bald area of patient

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