Hair Transplant / Facial Hair Transplant

Facial Hair Transplant

Nobody wants the irregular shaping of facial hair like eyebrow, moustache, beard, eyelashes etc; because the proper alignment of these features can make your face look more attractive. Facial Hair Transplantation is a surgical procedure, which is used to extract scalp hair follicles and transplant them to the facial areas lacking density & fullness.

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Overview of Facial Hair Transplant

You might be thinking that facial hair transplant is not as common as scalp hair transplantation. There are lots of queries that can take place in your mind that whether this treatment is safe or will it provide you expected outcomes.

We understand all your concerns and we suggest you to visit our NHT clinics. By meeting and talking to our highly experienced hair transplant surgeons, you’ll come to know that losing facial hair is a common problem that many people are suffering from. Due to the medical advancements in hair restoration techniques, it becomes quite safe & easy to re-grow your facial hair i.e. eyebrow, beard, moustache or eyelashes.

An Ideal Candidate

An Ideal Candidate

Facial Hair Transplantation is a suitable option for the patients who have lost their facial hair or who are facing hair thinning problem. Similar as in scalp hair transplantation, the facial hair transplant candidate need to be physically & mentally healthy. He should not be suffering from any major disease.


Benefits of Facial Hair Transplant

  • It is the efficient method to increase the size & thickness of eyebrows, moustache, beard & eyelashes.
  • Facial hair transplant helps in gaining a little more symmetry on your face.
  • You can also opt for this treatment to hide any facial marks or scars; or to cover a part of face with hair that might have been injured or damaged.
  • Not only that, you could even have different or desired style of facial hair if you are getting the treatment with expert hands.

Hair Loss

What is Beard Hair Transplant?

Beard hair transplant is typically performed on men who have patchy/spotty areas in their beard. Most of the men feel beard as a good alternative to hide acne scars or help de-emphasize (or emphasize) certain facial features. Also some males with small or recessed chins use beard hair to enhance their features. So overall, we can say that beard plays an important role in enhancing the personality of men.

The Beard Transplant has following features:

  • Permanent solution to beard hair loss
  • Natural re-growth in few months
  • Results in fuller & richer looking beard

How it is performed?

The beard hair transplant procedure takes 2-4 hours and in this process, hairs are harvested from donor area (back of the head). Those hair follicles are then transplanted to the thin patchy areas of beard. Because of the excessive availability of active & permanent hairs in the donor area, it is easy to extract more number of healthy hair follicles for thick density.

Moustache Hair Transplant

Now-a-days, facial hair transplants like moustache restoration are growing in popularity. Men from Middle East, Europe and Asia are very keen to have well maintained moustache which is one of the status symbol for them and they often seek virile addition for the upper lip if having patchy moustache.

The moustache hair transplant procedure uses a technique, in which doctors remove clusters of hair from the more dense areas of the body, mostly from back of the head and implant them along the lip or cheeks to magnify a moustache or beef-up a beard.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrows that are full, shapely and well formed look more iconic than the thin or absent brows. At NHT, our eyebrow hair transplant surgeons use proven hair transplant techniques to enhance as well as solve hair loss problem in brow areas permanently. Eyebrow restoration is a well known treatment to replace eyebrows or touch up small areas of hair loss that take place from over-plucking, scars or genetic causes.

In eyebrow transplantation, required amount of hair is taken from just above the ear or back of head, to transplant to the eyebrow region. This process is performed by our expert surgeons and takes only 2-3 hours. Within 2-3 weeks, natural & long-lasting growth of transplanted hair starts. Brows are aesthetically designed according to your face shape and brow restoration is a beautiful and enduring solution to hair loss in eyebrow areas.

Eyelashes Hair Transplant

Who doesn't wish to have a long and full set of eyelashes? Every woman has desire to look beautiful and eye lashes play a vital role in this. Women do every effort to enhance the length of lashes to make their eyes look bigger and dazzling. Now you can even grow more lashes permanently with an eyelash transplant. So, there is no need to use fake eyelashes.

Eyelash hair transplant, also known as eyelash implants, is the latest procedure to treat areas of the eyelid that have no eyelashes due to genetics, alopecia or trauma because of cancer surgery or burns. Also, this process suits the women who want to thicken and enhance the appearance of their eyelashes.

The donor area for eyelashes is the scalp and the implanted hairs continue to grow for rest of the life; therefore need to be trimmed once in a month. For natural appearance of eyelashes, the hairs are transplanted one at a time. The eyelash hair transplant is a very delicate procedure which requires perfect placement of hairs that are angled at the right direction and position to mimic natural growth.


Sideburn transplantation is a surgical procedure that is performed to enhance facial symmetry and aesthetics. This process is done by restoring the hair to facial sides where the hair growth is thin, spotty or missing altogether. The candidates also opt for this treatment to conceal acne scars or other types of scarring.

Likewise scalp or beard restoration, this procedure also makes use of active & healthy hair follicles extracted from the back and sides of the head; and transplanting them to the required facial area having sideburn. The average number of hair grafts required for each sideburn is about 100-250 grafts. There can be variation in number of grafts based on the individual evaluation and requirements.

The NHT Dermatologists & Plastic Surgeons are widely recognized for their abilities to perform successful hair transplant procedures, including sideburn transplantation. They create enormously natural and undetectable results for every patient.