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Best Hair Transplant Surgery in Noida

Hair transplant in Noida is a delicate surgical procedure to regain the lost looks by the re-growing hair at places where hair loss has occurred. Hair Transplantation can also be used to restore eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair etc. Noida is one of the business hubs of India and is hence attracting thousands of professionals every year. It is obvious that with a fast paced career, stress also occurs which usually leads to hair fall. Hair loss can destroy a person's confidence and personal appearance too. To resolve hair loss permanently, Hair Transplant is the only solution which can bring complete change in your life. While deciding the best hair transplant clinic in Noida, always opt for the one where the patients are provided with the best treatment by the experienced doctors....

Before you go to any of the doctors for consultation or hair treatment, make sure the working doctor for hair transplant surgery should be a well qualified Dermatologist/Plastic Surgeon with years of experience. Check the quality of their previous results and previous work. After that, do compare the costs of different specialists.

What are the side effects of Hair Transplant?
  • Thinning, which is a standard post-operative condition; but the thickness apparently comes back after few months!
  • Pain, which is very little and certainly will not require any pain relievers!
  • Itching, it is usual to occur in areas affected by hair transplant surgery!
  • Numbness, this is only temporary!

Whereas the side-effects are very rare, but the benefits are enormous including getting back the lost confidence.

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Hair transplant cost in Noida

NHT has set such high standards that it stands among the number one Hair Transplant Clinics in Noida. You can get the best Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) at affordable cost in Noida. But still, before switching to hair transplantation, it is vital that you consider and think about your budget.

With medicinal improvements, various types of hair transplant techniques have come into play like FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant etc. So the price of each procedure is different. Furthermore, the popularity and experience of your selected surgeon will also play a significant role in deciding the cost of surgery. The top hair transplant doctors may offer you the package at high price; but you should not judge them by their fee, as they will surely provide you the outstanding results.

Why People of Noida Choose us?

Our transplant has restored happiness and confidence to hundreds of individuals from Noida by offering Hair Transplant to them at competitive prices.

Though many hair transplant centers have sprouted in Noida, people still choose us due to our best credentials. You can contact us for Appointment and Consultation by mail or by a call.

What are the major causes of Hair loss?

A combination of aging mainly causes hair loss along with the change in hormones. Other reasons which Doctors consider can add on to hair loss are:

These are the 'may be' reasons and hence vary from person to person. Studies have shown that hair loss is a condition of low self-esteem and low self-confidence. Causes of hair loss come from several factors, but mostly from these three — genes, hormones, and age. Perpetual hair loss comes from hair follicles that become fragile and weaker.

Hair Growth After Hair Transplant
What does Postoperative care include?
  • The recipient area must be shielded from the sun.
  • Start shampooing as stated by your doctor because Shampooing is necessary to prevent scabs from forming around the hair shaft.
  • After two to three months new hair will begin to grow from the moved follicles.
  • Don't carry heavy loads as it may stress the recipient area.

So get in touch with us for any query on hair. We will guide you with the best possible solutions at best prices. We will put your questions forward to the esteemed and popular doctors who have been serving the society for years.

Source : - ISHRS 2015 Practice Census Results

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Hair Transplant Services Offered in Noida
  • FUE hair transplant process has been certified to be safe enough to be conducted on patients.
  • Giga sessions Upto 4000 grafts can be transplanted with Giga Session in a day.
  • Body hair transplant Hairs from body parts used where there is poor donor at scalp.


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