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Hair Transplant for Men

Losing hair is a very common problem today that most of the men are suffering from. Hair loss between 50-100 strands is considered normal. Increase in number of hair loss can create trouble and eventually, it can cause baldness. Then it becomes difficult to get the lost hair back with medications & therapies. The only permanent solution left in this case is hair transplant for men.

The latest advancements have eliminated the complications that were previously faced by the hair transplant candidates and the surgeons as well. With hair transplant surgery, the hair loss/baldness sufferers can get a head full of hair, naturally & permanently.

Generally the areas of hair transplant for men include:

  • Scalp
  • Beard
  • Moustache
  • Sideburns or Facial Scars

With the minimally invasive procedures, now the hair transplant results look much more natural. Make sure that you are a right candidate for hair transplantation and get a clear idea about the expectations from this treatment. Your hair transplant doctor will let you know about every aspect in the consultation session.

The Hair Transplant Procedure for Men is mainly divided into two parts:

Extraction of Hair Grafts

It is the procedure where the harvesting of active hair follicles takes place. In FUE hair transplant, the grafts are extracted one by one from the donor area i.e. either from the back of the scalp or from body parts like beard, thighs, arms, chest etc. Whereas, FUT method involves the removal of full strip from the back of head and afterwards, the dissection of hair follicles is done with the help of microscope. Both the quality & quantity of grafts matter a lot in this process.

Implantation of Hair Grafts

The procedure of hair graft implantation in the recipient area is similar in both the techniques i.e. FUT & FUE. The hair transplant surgeon will implant the harvested grafts one by one in the small holes/slits with utmost care & attention. It is very important to place the grafts at right angle, depth and direction; because this phase will determine the looks & density of your transplanted hair growth. The experience of the surgeon holds great significance to produce the natural looking results with high accuracy.