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Hair transplant cost in Kochi

Hair transplant in Kochi is very affordable, and any ordinary person can afford it. FUE hair transplant is preferred by most of the population of Kochi, and the overall cost of hair transplant may start from Rs. 35,000. The price of FUT hair transplantation will be distinctive from that of FUE hair transplant. Furthermore, the cost will differ from one individual to another also as it depends upon the level of baldness that a person is suffering from.

Hair Transplant Cost in Kochi

Also, it will be exciting to note that few clinics will charge per graft basis while others will charge based on per hair basis. A hair graft can have 1-4 hairs. It is also suggested that you make an educated decision and not fall prey to hair clinics that offer cheap hair transplant in Kochi and compromise on the quality of the hair transplant treatment. Read More..

Hair transplant in Kochi

Kochi is taking great strides ahead regarding industrialisation and is abreast with modern technology. Therefore, people are aware of different methods and techniques which help them to live life to the fullest. We all want to look impressive as it gives them confidence and to attain it they go in for corrective techniques. Some hair loss is curable by medications. The small amount of baldness can be treated with some home remedies, oils, or change in diet but sharp hair fall cannot get cured using such techniques and hence requires proper treatment i.e. Hair transplant. Hair transplant in Kochi is one such method which is a boon for people who encounter hairlessness or hair thinning due to various difficulties such as genetic, illness, diet, burns or medications. It's a natural and permanent solution for restoring lost hair. Read More..

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NHT provide the best service for hair transplant in Kochi as we have the tie-ups with the reputed and experienced doctors and clinics.

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