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Best Hair Transplant Surgery in Indore

Hair Transplant in Indore is the treatment given to the people who have baldness beyond a level and their body is not able to promote the hair growth. Hair loss is something that can not only make you look unattractive but also reduce your self-confidence as for all as Hair is considered as one of the attractive parts of your body. Hair loss can lead both the male as well as female towards baldness and usually occurs due to poor diet or stress, or you may have in your genes also. Trying out many natural remedies and getting the high intake of the drugs on the daily basis can sometimes adversely affect your health. Moreover, these temporary things do not ensure 100% results. The only option left with the people is hair transplant for treating hair baldness. We succeed Hair Transplant with different techniques like FUE or FUT etc. FUE punches the hair follicles out of the scalp and boasts quickly returning to work because we don't use a sutures or scalpel. ...

Hair Transplant is a medical yet natural way of hair restoration and is attracting thousands of overseas patients. Our state of the art equipment and offers cost effective solutions for its clients. When all these things are added together, you will experience the best of service for you and that at economy prices.

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What are the Steps in Hair Transplant?

We do a computer examination of head and evaluate two primary things

  • First how much bald area is to be covered and how many numbers of grafts are required.
  • Second is an analysis of the donor area. The Density factor in donor area is calculated under the microscope.
FUE Hair Transplant in Indore
FUE Hair Transplant in Indore
What are the Before Hair Transplant precautions?

It is vital to tell about your medical history to your doctor before the surgery. Any medicine which is being regularly used should be brought to the notice of the surgeon. Smoking, tobacco, etc. have to be fully stopped before surgery.

What is the Recovery time of Hair transplant?

The restoration of hair transplant surgery depends on the extent and complexity of the procedure. In the case of any pain, medications are guided by the physician to control pain. In the case of any stitches, they will be removed within 7-10 days.

Is Dressing required after the procedure?

We do dressing of the donor area. Transplanted area is not covered with the dressing. You can wear a surgical cap over the head. Shampoo, medicine, etc. are explained at the end of surgery by the doctor. You can easily resume your normal daily activities.

People are nervous about the side effects or the high cost of hair transplant; there is nothing to worry about. Get in touch with us for all your hair related or hair transplant related queries. We will ensure that you have the most natural looking results, with the least amount of discomfort.

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Hair transplant cost in Indore

When it comes to the cost of Hair Transplant, then it entirely depends upon the number of grafts and level of baldness. You need to remember that more the grafts more will be the cost of the treatment but still Hair transplant cost in Indore is far more economical than the other cities. Hair transplant surgeries usually cost between Rs 75000 to 1 lakh, but it may vary as per the technique used in the treatment.

  • The cost of FUT method is lower as compared to FUE method.
  • Normally in FUT it's around Rs.20/graft to Rs.40/graft whereas In FUE it's around 35/graft to rs 100/graft.

Furthermore, the cost varies as per the experience and efficiency of the surgeon and the team as well. Sometimes the location of the clinic also plays a significant role while determining the prices. It is safe to state that the cost of hair transplant in Indore is on the reasonable side. Read More..

Hair Transplant Services Offered in Indore
  • FUE hair transplant process has been certified to be safe enough to be conducted on patients.
  • Giga sessions Upto 4000 grafts can be transplanted with Giga Session in a day.
  • Body hair transplant Hairs from body parts used where there is poor donor at scalp.


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