Most importantly, a healthy hair care for children practically begins with learning how to wash their hair without having to damage it, while as parents we can teach the children how to enhance and take good care of their own hair by learning the best in hair hygiene techniques. The issue of having to take care of children’s hair is very serious as this can generate some problems for many of the mothers who are sometimes unsure about the child’s hair care requirements. Parents must realize that healthy hair care in children begins with teaching them how to wash the hair without having to damage it. So it is important to understand that children’s hair care should be an integral part of the child’s daily routine which is just like brushing their teeth. Mothers can also try the method of plaiting the child’s long hair into two or tie it up into a ponytail but never put up into a bun. The best way to prevent unhealthy hair is to teach children healthy habits for taking care of their hair.

In the world over, appearance of shiny hair signifies healthy hair because the layers of the hair cuticle are known to lie flat and thus reflect light. And so when the scales of the hair cuticle lie flat they invariably overlap while the inner layers are basically shielded from heat, sun rays, chlorine, and every other hazard that can come from living in our environment. Which affect the hair.

In other to enable parents help their kids develop good hair-care habits that prevent hair damage in children, physicians and dermatologists have laid down parenting tips to help them achieve this:

  • Loosen both braids and ponytails and don’t forget to make use of covered rubber bands.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid hair requiring heat and chemical treatments.
  • Even when heat is extremely necessary, lower the heat.
  •  When a child’s hair is normal to oily, shampooing is said to work best.
  • A parent must use a wide-tooth comb on the child’s hair more often than a brush.
  • When outdoors, wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect the scalp and hair from the suns heat rays.
  • It is imperative to use de-tangling spray for your child’s hair when necessary
  • Parents should know that washing a child’s hair once or twice a week is should be enough.
  • The child’s hair should be combed when it is wet and never to be brushed.
  • Parents must endeavour to make use shampoo especially those formulated for children’s hair.

Children today crave playing with fun clips and hair ties and so parents should avoid hairclips with sharp edges because they can hurt the tender scalp and cause hair damage. However, when the child’s hair is kept neatly tied back is sure a good way of avoiding hair tangling which can lead to flaking of early hair in children’s hair. But then, children’s hair isn’t known to be greasy like that of adults since their sebaceous glands do not secrete substantial amounts of oil needed until puberty. So you only need to wash the child’s hair every few days. If a child has very long hair, using conditioner or spray-on de-tangler can help parents avoid knots in the child’s hair while using a soft brush for fine and better hair results.