Curly hairs are in vogue from the beginning. Curly hairs are not one of a kind there are many types of hair cut and ways to curl your hair. You can curl your hair at home or prefer to go to a hairstylist. Curly hair can be genetic, one can have curly hairs from their birth but you can make them permanently and temporary also. You can get curly hair by visiting to a hairstylist or you can get it at home by using irons and straighter etc. Let’s know more about curly hair and how you can curl your hair.

How To Curl Hair With Curling Iron:

You can try to curl your hair at home with curling iron. Follow some steps to curl your hair with iron:

  • Wash your hairs but don’t apply oil on them.
  • When they become bit dry Brush your hair thoroughly.
  • Heat up your curling iron according to the quality of your hair. For thick hair you can increase its temperature but for thin hair keep it normal.
  • Or else you can apply a heat protection on your hair.
  • Divide your hairs in to sections and pin them up.
  • Then step by step curl your hair with iron.
  • Slowly use it on your hairs from bottom to end and pin them up also continue until all hairs is pined up. Use a hairspray to hold your curls.

How To Spiral Curl Hair:

Spiral curls look heavy then normal curls. They are further of two types heavy and loose. You can get these curls by using rollers and chemical. By using round rollers you can make spiral curls. You can tight them according to your desire for loose and heavy curls. What you have to do is take some round rollers and pins. Divide your hairs in parts and roll them with the help of rollers and set these rollers with the help of pins. If you want curls in hurry then you can also use iron for this and those curl style is called custom curls.

How To Curl Hair Without Curling Iron:

You can curl your hair at home and without iron also. Follow some easy steps if you want to curl your hair without iron:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo but remember you don’t have to use any oil.
  • Make so many middies with wet hairs tightly.
  • Forgot it for 8 hours and you can get curls without iron when you open your hair.

How To Scrunch Hair:

Scrunch hairs look like wavy hairs. For this you don’t need any iron or rollers. You can get scrunch hair by following these steps:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo.
  • Make a tight bun of your hairs with pins.

After eight hours of if you are doing it at night then when you open your hairs they will become wavy naturally.

How To Curl Hair With Flat Iron:

A straightener is called a flat iron. It is also like other irons. You can use it at home for temporary use. But its regular use can make your hair thin.