Hair is an important part of human body. Hair pattern on our heads, provide an outward look to our personality as well. Growth of hair is important, as this helps in enhancement of human personality to a large extent. Baldness can have an adverse effect on one’s personality and needs to be avoided. In order to promote healthy growth of hair on your scalp, you must understand the three phases of growth. Understanding the process, can help you to take care of your hair growth. The Three Phases of Hair Growth Cycle consists of three separate stages. These stages are:


hair growth cycle


1.  Anlagen –This is the first phase of growth and is well-covered within the normal process of growth. At the initial stage, the phase is often referred to as being ‘Anagen’ phase or growing phase. As per availability of statistics, it is understood that, hair grows at the rate of 1.25 cm a month. Each strand has a life cycle of between 2 to 6 years.


2. Catagen –This is better known as the transitional stage. This stage signifies the end of active growth of hair. This phase continues approximately till two weeks. The process marks the shrinkage of follicles due to severe disintegration. Disintegration of the hair follicle causes in uprooting, of the hair shaft, which results in disconnection of the blood supply. Total duration of the entire phase lasts between 2–3 weeks.


3. Telogen –This is assumed to be the third stage of the transitional phase. In this particular phase, the hairshaft is shed completely before the new follicles start to grow. At any particular point, it has been noted by the experts more than 80% of the hair follicles remain to be in growth phase. The rest of hairs are in the rest phase. As a matter of fact, follicles can remain to be dormant for almost 1 – 4 months at a go.


The above stages continue to take place, repeatedly in every human being. Anagen marks the cycle of hair shedding while Telogen remains to be the end of the cycle. It is interesting to note that, the phases are in operation continuously, and therefore the cycle continues. It is very common that, one hair strand may be in the anagen phase while the other in the telogen phase. Major complications in hair growth are noted when there is a disruption in the cycle. Reasons for such complications can be varied and manifold. You are therefore, suggested to take care of your health which might indicate metabolic imbalances, major illnesses, lack of wholesome nutrition and increased stress. Experts suggest that the whole cycle of hair loss and regeneration is a complicated process. Balding of your head can be a common phase which indicates excessive loss of hairs in the telogen phase. In case you register certain common symptoms of hairloss especially at a young age, please be sure that you visit a good doctor in order to address the problem.