Some people have a notion that, winter season can fuel loss of hair. However, experts claim that, these kinds of notions can be partially true. Winter can actually make your scalp dry and scaly. This can lead to loss of hair to a certain extent. Normally, medical experts suggest that, winter season can really be harmful, if you already suffer from a dry scalp. During the initiation of winter season, most of us can face the problem of dryness. Even our skin dries out due to lack of moisture. Similarly, our scalp can become even drier. Dust and dirt can actually add on to this and result in loss of hair.

Myth: Low Temperatures in the surrounding environment increase Hair Loss

Some people believe that a drop in temperature can actually lead towards an increase in hair loss. But, medical experts suggest that, such a notion is absolutely baseless. As a matter of fact, low temperatures in the environment; do not have any influence on loss of hair. You shall be very surprised to hear that, winter allows growth of hair to a large extent. Therefore, people might get more scalp hair in the cooler parts of the year. This can in turn, help them stay warm.

A study conducted by experts in the University Hospital of Zurich backs up the fact that winter doesn’t lead to hair loss. The study has been conducted for the period of six years almost. It has been found that people tend to lose the least amount of hair during the chilly months of the year.

Fact: Hair Loss Can Be related to seasonal variations.

It has been observed that, people lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair, on a regular basis. During the later part of the year, loss of hair usually increases. Thus, hair loss is more noticeable during the winter season. Women are predicted to have a greater hair loss during winters. Although this is a common trend, men also suffer.

Usually, people experiencing seasonal shedding have nothing to worry about. It is understood that hair will re-grow once loss occurs. Losing up to 100 hairs in a day, can be most normal, and there is nothing wrong in losing the same. In case you suffer from excessive hair fall, then you need to consult an expert. Baldness resulting from excessive loss of hair can be of major concern. In case you notice, excessive hairball, we suggest, that you consult, a medical expert in order to restore your hair.  

Myth: Keeping your scalp warm With a Hat can cause unwanted loss of hair.

Hats provide a number of benefits to your scalp and hair. Wearing a hat can give several benefits in addition to making your style statements. Hats can give you a natural protection from uncontrollable environments. But at the same time, it gets a lot of blame, for being one of the primary reasons of hairfall. However, this is considered to be a myth, at the end of the day.  

It has been a proven fact that, wearing a hat won’t contribute to baldness or increase your chances for hair loss. But, wearing a hat puts friction or strain on your hair follicles, weakening them to a large extent. This causes the hair to fall out. In reality, the big thing you have to worry about when it comes to wearing hats is whether or not yours is clean or not. A dirty hat can give you an infection on the scalp. This can trigger hair loss.  

Fact: Hair Does Get Drier in winter

While winter weather and fashion is no way related to loss of hair, it actually triggers dryness in your scalp.  You might notice that its drier or your hair feels more brittle in the winter. Keeping your hair soft and strong can help you in the process of hair transplant in Delhi. Using a dryer is often bad, as this dries out your scalp largely. Dandruff also can be a major cause, which must be controlled through medications.   You may also want to swap the shampoo you use in the winter for one that is more moisturizing and nourishing. If dandruff is an issue in cooler weather, look for a shampoo with a dandruff-fighting ingredient. Go for a coconut oil massage, if you feel that your scalp is too dry to be shampooed.

Another way to add moisture to dry, brittle hair is through improving conditioning efforts. Try to use a deep level conditioner every week.  This would reduce the dryness to a large extent.

If you do notice an increase in hair loss this winter, you can blame it on your genes. However, there is no substitute for a careful regime, as this is an important step towards restoring your existing volume.