Many people today wish to have picture perfect hairs. They go beyond their pockets to achieve their desired hairs. They try anything ranging from harsh chemicals to expensive salon treatments that promises beautiful hairs. But many end up with more damaged hairs due to harsh chemicals and heat provided to their hair. Is there any solution to get beautiful, healthier and shiner looking hairs? Yes there is, and you are at the right place to get the solution for your dull and damaged hairs.

Olive oil for beautiful hairs

Using olive oil is the solution to your dry hair problem. When you use olive oil as a deep conditioner, you will have a noticeable  difference in your hair. All over your hair will look  healthier, vibrant and strong When you incorporate olive oil to your hair care regime the oil covers each hair strand, making it shinier and stronger. It is a perfect blend of conditioner and nutrition to your hair. Here are some benefits of Olive oil, which will help you understand why olive oil is effective for dry frizzy hairs?

  1. Fights dandruff: Dandruff is mainly caused due to dryness in the scalp. Slowly resulting in dry, itchy and flaky scalp. Olive oil moisturizes your scalp and help fight dandruff.
  2. Natural Hair conditioner: Fatty acid found in Olive oil coats the hair shaft and makes your hair shiny and soft. It has been used for centuries to condition hairs.
  3. Promote Scalp Health:  Olive oil antioxidant properties, which keeps the scalp in better shape. It reduces the damage caused due to unhealthy hair styling practices and chemically loaded  hair care products.
  4. Improve Blood Circulation. Massages with Olive oil  improves the blood circulation in your scalp. Resulting in an  increase in  blood flow.  It stimulates the follicles to produce thicker strands.
  5. Reduces DTH hormone production: The major reason behind hair loss is DTH hormones. This hormone narrows the hair shaft resulting in hair loss. Olive oil helps to reduce this hormone and help stop the hair loss.

This magic hair oil is alone enough to fight dry hair problems, but if few ingredients are added to it you can get even better results. Here are a few tips for you to add more to your hair health.

  1. Just a drop of olive oil when applied to wet or dry hair can control frizz and provides a shiny protective layer to your hairs.
  2. Try olive oil hair tonic to treat the dry, frizzy  hair, all you need is  2 teaspoonful of olive oil , 2 teaspoonful of rose water and 1 teaspoonful of Argan oil.  Mix all ingredients together and massage on the scalp and hair. Soak all your hairs from top to bottom with this  hair tonic. Wash after 2 hours.
  3. Add half TSP of olive oil and 2 tbsp water  to 1 tbsp shampoo and  wash your hair with this mix to get extra moisture and nourishment for your dry hair.
  4. Mix 1 egg into 3 teaspoonful of olive oil beat well and apply to your scalp as well as hairs and leave for 2 hours. Shampoo as usual. This hair mask will nourish your hair and leave it healthier and shiner

So, the next time if you feel your  hairs are turning dry and itchy, try these tips and get the picture perfect hairs naturally.